Thursday, March 23, 2017


I tackled the neutral four patches for En Provence yesterday. First I cut the strips. Then I sewed strips together and cut them up. Now I have lots of twosies! I think I'll make more of these before mixing them up to make four patches. This quilt is getting done!

Here's another little doggy painting. Meet Henry, the dog of a friend. He's a cutie, no? I finished this several days ago, but am just now posting it. I wanted it to be in my friend's hands before I made it public. 

I had to run a few errands yesterday - one priority was to buy some new shorts and t-shirts. The warm weather is here! And I had no summer clothes that would fit me! And now I do - I'm happy. 

Good news! We both got our lab results from our physicals - we are both very healthy, indeed. It's amazing how much our numbers have improved since losing weight - though we were never at risk even then. Always good to have good numbers! 

Okay, Thursday is Autumn Garden day, and this quilt is now being machine quilted on Mondays. So what to do? I'm thinking I may work on more twosies (En Provence), maybe some circle centers for the dresden (Gardenvale), and hopefully I'll finally pull out my paints. Sounds like a fun day! 

Have you noticed I have a LOT of quilt tops that will finished soon! My machine quilting Monday will have a queue. 

We may (or may not) have our new patio poured today. They are pouring the driveway next door, so we are hoping to wrangle them over to do our little job at the same time. We'll see how that works. Hubby is outside hoping to make it happen. Fingers crossed. We been trying to get an estimate for weeks now and it's so hard to track down the correct people and get them to call back. So we may get the price quote five minutes before the concrete is poured. Or not! 

Wishing you a fun filled day!

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  1. I hope your patio was poured! What fun times are going on at your house with quilting AND painting. I'll bet she was thrilled with the portrait of her dog.


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