Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hexie Progress!

Yay! I made it all the way around! I stitched the pieces of the hexies together as I went along. And as I said yesterday, I already have the next 12 stitched together so I'll make quick work of stitching them to this center flower. The Bee's Knees is progressing nicely. 

I did finally do some machine stitching yesterday - I made this zippered bag for a friend. These little babies go together in about 5 minutes now that I've figured out the zipper part. I like this typewriter fabric. The lining is that green color. 

Last night I roasted a butternut squash...

Soup anyone? It was delicious! And let me say, when you have a salad for lunch and soup for dinner, you can eat a lot of health snacks (orange, banana, AND a handful of nuts!) after dinner to get the rest of your calories in.

So what's on tap today?

I think I might try to finish quilting Bliss. And figure out what fabric to use for the binding. If I could do that I'd be mighty happy. I maybe later I'll start another painting...we'll see.

I've been painting on the desk in my sewing room. It's worked fine - I put everything away in between paintings and I have my cutting table back. However, now that I have several painting to do back to back, I can see that I really don't want to keep putting everything away. I like to work on a painting over time... letting it dry in between sessions. So yesterday I moved my painting stuff to the dining room table for now. It's easy enough to put away if someone is coming over. My sewing room is back to being ONLY a sewing room. If I keep painting...and I think I will...I'll may start working at a desk in our bedroom. Time will tell.

On my personal Facebook page yesterday, I posted:
"I won't start another quilt. I won't start another quilt. I WON'T START ANOTHER QUILT! I might start another quilt. Okay, I bought the background fabric."

Yes, crazy I know! But I have this new pattern...and it's calling me...more on this later...quilting is addictive!!! But you know that already, don't you?

Have a great day!

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  1. I've said that mantra over and over and does me no good -lol. Love your Bees Knees rosette.


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