Thursday, March 30, 2017


Yesterday didn't go quite as planned, but all is well. Our dermatologist appointments went fine, but the doctor decided to do mole biopsies on both of us. I had three and Hubby had one. All were on our backs. I'm really not worried about them - they are in places that never see the light of the sun and I've had them forever. But better safe than sorry!

We treated ourselves to Mexican food for lunch - taco salad, anyone? With guacamole? Get it? Guaca-mole? Haha!

While we were eating and chatting, Hubby suggested that we go on to Montgomery to pick up my sewing machine. Why not? So off we went. The women there are SO nice. And they have a gorgeous fabric selection! I didn't buy any fabric, but I'm SO glad to have my baby back home where she belongs.

Have you seen this product? I had a good coupon so I bought it a couple of days ago. This morning we felt we needed a treat after all we went through yesterday at the doctor, so we tried it.

First off, look at this confusing label. It makes 7 lattes. Okay. But there are 40 servings per container? What? And the calorie count - 25 calories per serving, but 120 calories per latte? What? Makes no sense at all!

Because you actually spray this into your coffee, it's impossible to measure out 2 tablespoons. Well, I guessed at it.

Here is what I ended up with - kind of meh.... I know they intend for you to squirt more in your cup, but I didn't want to end up with a high calorie count, so I went light. I'm sure if you're willing to use 1/7 of the can, it would be wonderful! But it's probably not for me while I'm trying to lose weight.

If you need a good laugh - go to Youtube and check out International Delight latte demo videos - there are some hilarious ones!

So as you can sewing to report. But with my Bernina back where she belongs, I think for sure that sewing will happen today! I also need to make a poster as a favor for a neighbor to advertise t-shirts for sale at the art show this weekend. AND I need to print those business cards.

Let's make it a FUN day!!!

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  1. Yay, your machine is home! I know that feels better. Yes, I'm thinking 1/7 of that bottle is a bit to many calories for me! However, that's how lattes are made, so guess what you get at Starbucks? LOL


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