Friday, March 31, 2017


 I made it a hand stitching day! I got back to work on my Rowdy Flat Library quilt - slowly but surely.

Last night I stitched while I kept up with April and The Amazing Race. Three things at once - a record for me, I think.

Just before dark the doggies and I relaxed with a lemonade and a good book while Hubby planted azaleas in our back yard. 

I also did some prep work for the art show this weekend - just a few more little projects left to do and I'll be ready.

I retract my 'meh' statement from yesterday regarding International Delight Latte! I tried it again today - add just a bit extra - and it's perfect. I just didn't put enough it the first time. But there's still plenty left in the can so I don't think I used too much. that we've got that cleared up...(are you happy now Elizebeth?...) #mydaughterwasrightasususal

Today is Hexie Day! My favorite day! Let's get The Bee's Knees moving forward! We have tickets to the baseball game tonight - should be a fun evening. And Friday is also frozen pizza night around here - I keep some low calorie pizzas stocked in the freezer. Yes, I can diet and eat pizza! So no cooking, lots of sewing, and a fun evening ahead - sounds good to me!

I hope you have a wonderful Friday!!!


  1. I feel much better now haha :) #lovemylatte

  2. Can't beat the day you had!! You always make the best of them!! Hope you enjoyed the game!


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