Sunday, March 19, 2017

Good Intentions...

All my good intentions yesterday? They went nowhere fast! I guess I was a bit tired. I sat in my chair and chilled most of the day. And yes, this block was close by so I grabbed it to work on. I finished a few leaves and a bow. And now I'm tired of looking at it!

I vow to get up out of the chair and work on more projects today! They have been calling my name and today I'll answer them, I promise!

Remember that I said I bought a couple of additional Craftsy classes recently when they were all on sale? One of them is a creative t-shirt class taught by Marci Tilton. This was a great deal at only $19.99 because it even came with a Vogue pattern (retails at $30 by itself!). The pattern came in the mail yesterday. The class is more than just a walk through the process - it teaches ways to use multiple fabrics in the same shirt and tips for sewing knits.

Yes, I have another project...haha! But I have no fabrics to use for this yet. I may be placing an order soon though.

I neglected to mention yesterday that it's National Quilting Weekend! Today I'll do the holiday proud, I promise!

Rodan and Fields

Some of you have given it a go! Blessings to you who have tried the products and even purchased them! No one has EVER regretted taking better care of themselves! Personally I have never used a skincare product that provided visible results - until NOW! I'm so thankful for discovering the Rodan and Fields line of products; they make me feel so much better about myself!

I got my paycheck last week for my first full month as an R and F Consultant. Wow! It was more than triple my first paycheck - in full disclosure, it was enough to purchase a ruby and diamond necklace at our local jewelry store. Actually it was enough to purchase almost TWO of these necklaces! Or I could have used it to buy dozens of yards of premium fabric for quilts. But I didn't use it for that. I'm just using it to get my own skincare (making my stuff FREE) and donating the rest to various charities. So what are you waiting for?

I would love to start a group of quilters sharing the skincare love - we can do it, I know! And very little time is involved, I promise! I have not missed a beat in my quilting schedule because of R and F.  If you might be interested or want to hear more, just send me an email -

Now let go enjoy the remaining National Quilting Weekend! Go sew!



  1. I'm pleased your new venture is doing so well, and I'll bet the charities are pleased, too! My pattern also arrived this week. I didn't take the class, because of decades f sewing experience, and didn't pay the retail price, but it's a great pattern and when I have time, I'll go shopping for some lovely fabric. I've looked at some online, but I want to pick this one out in person.

  2. Woohoo...I see the 'fingers'!!!


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