Thursday, March 9, 2017

One More Border...

I worked my tail off on En Provence yesterday. All the sashing is DONE. The first border is DONE! One more border to go - and if you are familiar with the pattern then you know that the last border is all neutral four patches. I will need to make LOTS of them - over 100. I will have to do some stash enhancement for this to happen - I need more white neutrals! I've had to buy so few fabrics for this quilt since most of it came from my stash, so what's a few fat quarters? 

I'm so glad I've trudged through this quilt - I really do love it. By the time the last border is on I think it will be a nice twin size. I'm not sure what I'll call it...maybe 'No Yellow' since I left all the yellow out that was called for in the instructions. Haha...we'll see. I was really not expecting to get this far yesterday!

I bought a new toy! When I opened the box it looked darn intimidating! It's a spiralizer attachment for my Kichen Aid mixer. The little hand held one I had was fine for zucchini, but it was no match for sweet potatoes. And we do like baked sweet potato 'fries.' With all the healthy eating going on around here, I'll put this to a lot of use!

I haven't weighed in over a week - need to do that soon. Have I mentioned that we don't have a scale in our home? I think a scale is a dieter's worst enemy. We have one buried in storage, but I really prefer to leave it there. When you have a scale under foot, you tend to use it too often. And of course, everyone's weight fluctuates day to day. The minute I weigh and the number is UP I get discouraged. That's when I give up. So we head to the gym at the hotel in our neighborhood occasionally to weigh in. I like it like this!

So the clothes are loose - I bought a few new things last week. I know it will be months before I actually reach my goal and I needed some new things to get me through. What else is now too big for me? Can you guess?

My thimbles! I have a several thimbles I use, none of them fancy. I'm happy with the cheap ones. But they are all falling off my finger! Yesterday I had to run to the craft store for some additional paints (acrylics, anyone?) and I picked up a new thimble - size SMALL! Yes, you can lose weight in your fingers!

So today is Autumn Garden day. The border is taking some time, isn't it? I'll get cracking on it this morning. I'm hoping to finish my cat painting, too. 

Here's wishing you a happy day!


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  1. Your hexies/dresdens, whatever, are wonderful. We are all addicts it seems but such happy ones! I also applaud your food choices...we are all on that journey too it seems. Have a great weekend.


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