Monday, March 13, 2017

Bird 6!

I finished another bird yesterday for my Bird Dance project. Making progress!

While I was busy at the grocery store yesterday, Hubby finished our taxes. He's been working on them for weeks here and there - they were complicated this time - we sold two properties and bought another one. Plus we both retired. But the dirty work is done! So glad he doesn't mind doing this - I'd rather go to the grocery store any day.

Today is machine quilting day - Autumn Garden is up next. But first I need to finish clearing off the dining room table. It is covered with my painting supplies including two paintings in progress. But quilting will wait for no one, right? The painting supplies will have to be put away for now.

So the goal is to clear off the table, press the backing (found in my stash), layer it all up and be ready to pin baste. 

R and F 

One of my favorite Rodan and Fields products is the MicroDermabrasion Paste. SO many uses...including part of your own at-home facial in minutes! I personally use this once per week - it puts any other grainy cleanser I've EVER used to shame! My skin has never felt so soft and smooth!

I get asked frequently: how much is this R and F stuff? It's not cheap, but it's no more costly than Oil of Olay products you buy at the drug store. This is PREMIUM skincare and you are worth it. The microdermabrasion paste (which will last me MORE THAN A YEAR!!!) is $80. Preferred Customers get 10% off PLUS free shipping, bringing the cost down. That's really not that expensive when you get down to it - how much do you spend at the quilt shop for fabric for ONE quilt?

First three to comment here will receive a FREE mini facial so you can try this product along with the night serum and lip serum!


  1. Sorry for your dreary cold day! Your bird looks great. I wound up selling mine because I wasn't getting around to it. The person who bought it has finished all the blocks already. dezertsuz at gmail

  2. Good morning. Enjoy your blog.

  3. I spend more than that on thread orders! LOL. We do need to take care of ourselves too.

  4. Your Autumn Garden is so beautiful. You're going to love the Rowdy Flat Library Quilt. Have you seen Karen's at She's finished block 3. Hope the weather changes for you.

  5. Love this bird. He is so awkwardly cute! Would love to sample your products.

  6. Love this bird. He is so awkwardly cute! Would love to sample your products.


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