Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bird 7 and Tiny Cooper

Bird 7 is complete! Last night I began work on Bird 8.

I never did make it to my sewing machine, but I had fun painting several tiny paintings. This is my favorite - Cooper running with a big stick. 

Here's the original photo...taken at the lake, running beside the water. Such a sweet boy. 

As for today, I will definitely get to work on zippered pouches. I want to get all the ones I have cut out finished. And that shouldn't take long. On April 1 I'm participating in an 'Art in the Park' event in our neighborhood and these pouches will be available. I'll be displaying many of my quilts and a few of my paintings, too. Hubby will be helping me. There will be 21 other craftsmen there along with a wine tasting. 

I've been really making it a point to read more this year. I love to read, but never seemed to fit it in to my week. My goal was simple - read one book per month. I thought that was very doable. Well, last night I finished my fourth book of the year. I'm ahead of my personal goal!

I feel we should always strive to learn new things and better ourselves, even if it's in small increments. I hope to be lifelong learner of new things! 

I wish you a happy day! 


  1. For me it is always a constant or or read? Yesterday I gave in to the urge to read and now that's all I want to do! My sewing goals are abandoned and I will spend the day sitting on the porch with my library book.

  2. Wow that is tiny - and very well rendered. What have you been reading? Cutest birds!


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