Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Let Them Eat Cake!

I made a cake for a friend's birthday. (Happy Birthday B!) I'm afraid I ate a piece...the first REAL dessert I've had in more than 6 months. But I counted it and only had a salad for dinner. WOW! I couldn't get it in my mouth fast enough! It's not that it was unusually fabulous or's just that I haven't had so much yummy sugar in so long! I saved out one piece for hubby and sent the rest out of the house. Hopefully my friend will enjoy it for a few more days.

I had forgotten to buy her a birthday card - oops. So yesterday morning I quickly painted these strawberries and whipped up a homemade card.

Hubby went to the baseball game yesterday - he brought me fun Mardi Gras beads - love them!

Late in the afternoon I finally settled in to sew and didn't feel like machine stitching. So dresdens didn't happen. I pulled out the next bird and worked on the embellishments. Ahhh...relaxing.

I decided to throw my schedule out the window this week. Sometimes I need to do just that. I'll spend the rest of the week sewing whatever strikes my fancy and get back on track Monday.

We have storms moving in later today. So I plan to put my feet up and hand stitch. I'll try to finish this bird and work on hexies. Want to join me in a cup of tea?

Look closely at the photo - Cooper is napping in Hubby's chair. (Hubby is still asleep in bed.) Shhhh! Let's let him sleep a bit longer...

Have a relaxing day!


  1. Cake looks wonderful! You are really getting into this watercoloring! That's great! And you're doing a great job at it as well!!

  2. Sometimes we do have to throw our schedules out the window. I really like your Sue Spargo bird. The dessert looks fabulous. Congratulations on going six months with no sugar! One time won't hurt, as long as you don't repeat it every day - which is what I'm always tempted to do! It's a lovely cake, a lovely card. What a lucky friend.


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