Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Back Basting

Did dresdens happen yesterday? No.... I got busy and never got to them. It happens. With family here this week I'm not worrying about sticking to my schedule! 

I did trace some of the motifs on the backside of my Rowdy Flat Library Quilt block. I like to back baste when doing appliqué. I trace the images on the back. Then I place the fabric (oversized) on the front side and baste it from the back using a thick thread - hand quilting thread or button thread.  

Then I return to the front side and trim the appliqué to a scant quarter inch  from the basting. 

Last night while we talked and watched TV, I got this far. Hand work is always good to do while we have family or friends here!

Today I hope to pin baste Autumn Garden so I can clear off the dining room table (again). I'd like us to eat there tonight...might be nice.

That't it! Have a happy day!

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