Saturday, March 4, 2017


Yippee! I finally got something done!  Three hexies stitched around that cute bee center - yippee!

I had made 12 curved hexies for a previous star piece for this quilt that I didn't end up using in that particular star. I think I just might use them for the next round in this one - score! That puts me ahead of the game.

The weather warmed up and I DID go to the baseball game. I ran into two friends from college - we were in the same sorority. We were all there separately and all found each other at the same instant. How fortuitous of fate to bring the three of us together at that moment! I think it's a God thing, don't you?

Luckily I woke up this morning KNOWING it's Saturday - haha! I have a busy day planned. 

I don't think I've mentioned that I'm participating in an art event in our neighborhood April 1. It's called Art in the Park. They've asked residents who are interested to set up a table on that day to display items we make. I seem to be the only quilter in the neighborhood so I thought it would be fun to participate. I'll display a few quilts, zippered bags, potholders, and probably even my two watercolor pet portraits.

So, back to today. I have to meet at the park today to find out where my spot will be. That shouldn't take long. I also have to run to the grocery store to pick up some shallots, and maybe to the Post Office and the local quilt store. 

This afternoon? Sewing! And maybe a bit of painting?

Speaking of painting - you wouldn't believe! Gosh! I got THREE requests yesterday to do commissioned paintings! For money! I am absolutely shocked - who'd have thought? Of course I said I would do it. I'm not charging an arm and a leg because I'm such a newbie at this. It will be fun to do this for others. 

It's kind of like the Rodan and Fields skincare - I don't feel like I'm hawking something - more that I'm sharing something I love with others. By the way, I actually got a promotion in R and F at the end of the month! That means a bigger March paycheck. I'm amazed that I can share something I love with a few Facebook posts and make this much moola! Happy camper am I!

If you are ever interested in joining my R and F team and getting paid for washing your face, just let me know. It's so much fun! 

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

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