Monday, March 6, 2017

Bliss Is Quilted! Happy Dance!

Quilting happened! Until this happened...broken needle...stuck below...ugh...

I finally got that needle out with lots of force. I was afraid my machine would be out of whack, but a new needle, some oiling and cleaning, and she's sewing well again. Whew! 

Mickey was my helper in the sewing room today. Doesn't he look comfy?

Ba-dah-BOOM! Before I knew it I was finished and ready to trim. Once I trimmed off the excess batting and backing, my binding decision was obvious. I used the trimmings from the backing to make the binding. Binding made. Binding machine stitched in place. Binding ready to hand stitch to the backside. (I stitched one side down last night!) I'm not counting this as an official finish until I finish the binding...hopefully later this week.

So today is...machine quilting day and I just finished machine quilting Bliss. I'm not ready to start another one yet, so I think today I'll paint and maybe get caught up on dresdens. (And you know I'll be hand stitching that binding!

Last night Cooper was smarter than the average dog. He knocked my thimble off the table with his big nose. Oops. I couldn't reach it from my chair. I had Bliss in my lap stitch the binding. I told Cooper to get it. He's never been taught to fetch or retrieve, so I really didn't think it would work. But he picked it up gently in his mouth and then dropped it into my hand. I was so impressed and he was rewarded with a treat. Good dog, Cooper!

Have a wonderful day!

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