Monday, March 7, 2016


Yesterday was BUSY. I started sewing early, finishing FIVE quilt tops. I put a batch of chicken and sausage jambalaya in the crock pot for dinner. YUM! After a quick lunch we headed to Auburn.

I'm kind of loving this backsplash. Most people see triangles, but of course I see hexagons! What do you see?

This is the backsplash in the home we like. Yes, we have made an offer. I'll keep you posted. It's TINY! VERY TINY! The bad part is we'll have to get rid of lots more stuff - hope our daughters want some of it. The good part is - lots less housework - yay!

A few of you have asked why don't we just live here at the lake. Good question. Yes, we did consider it. But we like to attend lots of sporting events in Auburn. And we have family there. And I have my friends there. So we think it will be a good compromise to have two tiny homes. We have totally switched directions since we first put our home on the market a couple of months ago. I think our real estate agent's head must be spinning. But she's fabulous and goes with our flow.

Today I have big plans if I can get awake. A certain little dog kept me up. We are transitioning Mickey back to sleeping in his crate and he's not too happy. He'll adjust. Anyway, I'm hoping to do lots of sewing today. And maybe some baking. And definitely a long walk - the weather is gorgeous this week - sunny and warm. The bluebirds are out and about. The loon are dipping and diving. And Mickey? He's sound asleep in my lap, catching up on his loss of sleep. What a dog...

Happy Monday!

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  1. Love the backsplash! So you!!! Well, less housework in a smaller home means more hexie time!!


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