Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thank You!

I shared a better photo of our new cottage on Facebook yesterday. I have had SO MANY views of the picture and such kind words of support. Thank you!

You know, we started out our married life by building a 2000 sq ft home. Six years later with two small kids, we needed more space. So we bought a 4400 square foot older home. During the 20 years we lived there, we remodeled every square inch. Then we moved to Auburn and I said, "No more remodeling!" So we bought a new home still under construction. It was 4000 square feet. So yes, this cottage is a big downsize for us at only 1600 square feet.

And why are we doing this? Are we crazy?

We decided it didn't make sense to buy another large home simply to house all our stuff. We don't need all this stuff! I'm tired of having multiple rooms that look pretty but are never used. One of our daughters is already settled with her husband in Auburn. The other hopes to end up back in Auburn in a few years. So we don't need all those guest bedrooms for them!

And then there's maintenance. All yard work is provided for the cottage - we won't even need to store hubby's lawn mowers, etc., there. This will also give him more time to do those things at the lake house. We are determined not to overstuff the cottage. We'll take just what we need.

All the extra stuff? We'll offer it to our kids first. And we'll sell what they don't want. It's a very freeing feeling! Can't wait!

This is just outside the window here at the lake. Do you see the little birdie peaking out? Peek-a-boo!

And...the dogwoods are in bloom! My favorite!

I got lots of questions yesterday about my meal planning and cooking! (My blog went over 350,000 views earlier in the week!) I'll share the details about that here tomorrow, along with a recipe. Stay tuned!

Storms are coming in later today - I have lots of sewing planned! Should be a great day!


  1. The new hexie house looks lovely!!! Just a perfect size! We don't need a mansion to clean!!

  2. You are so smart to be doing this! After having to clear out my SIL's house after she passed, we are determined not to do that to our sons. So, we are gradually getting rid of "stuff." Like you, we don't need stuff any more. We hope to downsize homes once our son retires from the Air Force and settles somewhere...maybe we'll be neighbors! Congratulations on this purchase!

  3. Dogwoods and Auburn in the same post, I think you must be down south of me. I'm in TN. I visited a good friend in Auburn, and it is a lovely town ... though that's as close as I've ever come to being in a tornado, and I don't want to be that close again! I downsized to about that size, too, and it's really plenty of space, when you organize things a bit. =) It's a lovely house, but I think of a cottage as being REALLY small - 800 square feet or less. =)


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