Friday, March 4, 2016

Today's Helper

Mickey's in my lap this morning - always ready to help! We've been up and busy for hours already.

So yesterday I ripped out the binding on the quilt - remember, I did it all wrong. Then I had to press the binding again and start over. I finished stitching in on CORRECTLY this time. It took me three and a half hours! Lesson learned - I will not make that mistake again!

This morning I trimmed away the excess batting and backing - it's ready for the hand work - yippee.

Also this morning I've been printing little labels that will go on favor boxes for the wedding. Of course the ink on the printer started running out, so I'll have to get new cartridges before I finish this task.

Next up this morning? BLISS! I'm working on the next section - yay!

Hope you have a HAPPY Hexie Day!!!


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  1. We've all been there do that 'unsewing' task haven't we! Sounds like you have settled into a routine already!


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