Saturday, March 12, 2016

In My Happy Place

My happy place is anywhere I'm sewing. And I've been getting so much done! Rain is coming in later today - hubby is outside doing yard work before it arrives. We may head out this afternoon to run an errand or two - boring stuff - new sprinkler head. But we'll probably go out for a late lunch or early dinner while we're out.

The dogs are getting into a routine here at the lake. I take them for a walk every morning around 10 am and they accomplish all the things they need to accomplish. :) There is a deck that is enclosed - they spend a couple of hours per day out there - fresh air, sunshine, a view of the lake and ducks and loons. And then another walk around 3pm and sometimes another walk around 5 pm. We are all walking more. A good thing!

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  1. So good you walk those dog...folks don't realize dogs need exercise..even if it's just to go sniff somewhere!!! Should have known you are a good 'dog' mom too! HA


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