Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Apologies to CaRmel!

My sincere apologies to Carmel Spray - I left out the important "r"  in her name in Hexie Love. I blame it on my poor eyesight and limited time to work on the magazine with our big move. So sorry Carmel!

I had some cute pictures to share today, but alas, they are on my phone and for some reason I don't have cell service this am and can't get them. So let's use our imagination:

I set up my cutting mat on the kitchen island yesterday - worked great! I set up an old fashioned ironing board to iron fabric. It was so good to be working with fabric again! Today I'll be sewing strips together to make binding - yes, I'll be binding a quilt today! Yay!

I'll also be getting the new mattress today - another big Yay!

It's sunny (but cooler) today after a big storm rolled through last night. There are three loons swimming around in the lake, catching their breakfast. When it warms up, I'll take the dogs for a long walk. Without a fenced area for the dogs, I find I'm walking more - a very good thing.

Another revelation from living here a week and a half:
The lake house is only one third the size of our newly sold home. And do you know what? We don't miss the square footage! We're now rethinking our plans to build another large home.

I hope you have a great day - and hopefully I can share pictures tomorrow...


  1. I had to laugh.. it reminded me of a birthday party when I was little I had classmates over and a part of a game was to draw a CAMEL eating a Dromedary (camel) one team thought it was a Caramel, so they drew this tiny little thing with teeth.... LOL

  2. I enjoyed this issue of HExie Love...even with the misspelled name! HA funny!

  3. Your insight on not missing the extra square footage has struck a chord. We live in a big OLD house so the rooms are large. My husband has decided that all we really need is a large bedroom, as it can double as a place to watch TV on the rare occasions that we do, a small kitchen, and a nice sized bathroom. However, since he's a book lover and I'm a fabric lover, we'd have to have at least one more large room, in my opinion, so we could each enjoy our passions. It could even double as a guest room in a pinch. You're right. Most of us who no longer have children at home can do with less house, less housework (so we can play more), and less upkeep expense (so we can spend more on fabric). Since I hate making decisions like that, I'd probably just end up staying at the lake.


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