Thursday, March 10, 2016

Old School

The lake home where we're currently living is about 26 years old. It's furnished so that's good. And there are dishes and pots and pans - again good! Yesterday I decided to bake a cake - found a mixer in the cabinet. Yes, it's an old school mixer - but it worked! I couldn't find any mixing bowls - so I used plastic batter bowls. There wasn't one big enough so I had to divide the batter into two of them for mixing. It worked! Making do!

Lots of hexies were made yesterday! Loving this unit!

I'll be making more hexies today - can't wait to eat breakfast and get to work!

It's going to be 81 degrees here today - Spring is here and I'm glad. I'm going to have a great day and I hope you do, too!


  1. I use one at our lake house similar. I love going back in time. It's fun!

  2. Woman are so easy! Not cheap! But easy! We can work with anything can't we!!

  3. I received a mixer like this from my cousin in 1979 when I got married . My daughter is now using it to mix with. Those "old school" tools were made to last if taken care of properly. Enjoy your cake and your spring weather!


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