Friday, March 11, 2016

Hexagons are Happening Here!

I began working on another section of BLISS yesterday. What colors to use? GREENS! I picked the greens based on this Kaffe Fassett print. There are LOTS of shades of green in this one fabric.

Piles of GREEN! I basted piles of hexies, ready to stitch together today. I also basted a quilt - so machine quilting will be happening, also.

Cooper enjoyed our hot weather yesterday - a quick dip for him. Two walks for us!

We had an unwanted visitor this morning - an armadillo. Yuck! He was under the deck. He's gone now, thank goodness. Did you know that armadillos can carry leprosy? Hubby shared that fun fact with me this morning. UGH!!!

I'm rather glad Friday is here - we have a real weekend! I see lots of sewing in my future!


  1. I saw this hex on's so cool!!!

  2. Cannot tell you how much I admire your quick move through downsizing! Your hexies are such delicious fun. It will be so nice to see the reveal of the new home for hexies and family. Wishing you continued success.


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