Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Busy Day in Auburn

I set out early yesterday morning and filled the day with errands and fun. First stop: the cottage! I was checking to see if they had started working on the items we've requested; nope, not yet.

In the course of the day I made a stop at both the condo and Daughter 1's home, filled up my car with gas, went to a car wash to get the pollen washed off, made a return at a clothing store, made a purchase at a clothing store,  stopped at the storage unit to measure a couple of things, visited with several friends, and bought groceries.

Oh, and there was a lunch Waffle House.

I got back to the lake around 5 pm to two hungry dogs. And I got the PILES of groceries put away.

I'm grocery shopping so much differently now - I plan two weeks' worth of meals and buy groceries accordingly. If I do need something in between, Hubby can stop and get it on his way home from work.

Today there will be sewing happening! Looking forward to that!


  1. A very full day, we run into so many people we know when we buy grocery's that it takes a while

  2. your cottage is beautiful - I come to Auburn from time to time on business. I work for the owners of the Lynch auto mall on I 85 - I am a newbie hexie lover but avid rug hooker, knitter, stitcher. Yes the azaleas and flowering trees in Auburn are gorgeous. Mel

  3. The new hexie house is wonderful!!!!

  4. What fun and a new home to look forward to! Do you make up two weeks' worth of menus to shop for? I've always thought menus would be great and have made up many, but somehow gail in following through with them...something about "I don't feel like eating that tonight" comes up and the whole week is messed up. Maybe if I didn't require that meal to be eaten on a particular night and just had options written down that I have ingredients for, might make it seem less restrictive. But then again, I've always been a planner who rebels when push comes to shove on following the change this to quilting, that's why I have so many UFOs! Want to do something different 😊!

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