Monday, March 21, 2016

International Quilting Day

Did you quilt on Saturday? International Quilting Day? I DID! I basted and quilted a lap quilt. AND I finished the next section of BLISS, patterned in Hexie Love. I left the main room for 5 minutes and someone had absconded with my pincushion. COOPER! He's such a thief.

Hubby spent the entire weekend on projects. He pressure washed the pier and deck. He fixed broken sprinklers. He put out weed and bug killer. I'm SO glad the cottage will have little or no upkeep! I'm hoping to see hubby really relax there - though he does enjoy piddling in the yard here at the lake.

So what will today bring? More quilting! Yay! I have plenty to work on today - writing the next set of  BLISS instructions, basting ANOTHER quilt, and some paperwork.

Let get to sewing!

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