Monday, March 14, 2016

A Yellow Monday

I had so much happy fun yesterday with my yellow stash - I found these bicycles - perfect! And they represent something special - at our cottage neighborhood has the perfect biking roads with little traffic. We plan to take advantage and regularly ride.

While I hexied, hubby pressure washed the long sidewalk. We found that lake houses require more maintenance than other homes. The sidewalks need pressure washing more frequently because of the moisture of the lake water. There there are boats and personal water craft that need maintenance and attention. And the pier - it needs pressure washing and sometimes repair. And of course there is a lawn to mow and fertilize, bushes to trim, and appliances to repair. Speaking of which, hubby fixed the refrigerator yesterday. He diagnosed the dishwasher problem and will order the parts today. He's not an expert at appliance repair, but Google is a big help!

At the end of the day, we waited on the pier for sunset.

Hope you have a bright yellow day!

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