Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Day Off

I spent the morning in Auburn - I had a LONG list of errands and took care of all of them. WHEW! I think I made 8 different stops! When I got back to the lake I was tired and just didn't feel like diving into quilting.

So I headed out to the deck with the dogs and a book. AHHhhh.... I'm reading The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen. "A haunting and hopeful tale of discovering light in even the darkest places." I'm really enjoying it and I'm so glad I'm making more time to read this year.

Some beautiful moss is growing just outside the house. Such beautiful color!

And last night's sunset: AMAZING!

It was early to bed for me and today I'm raring to go again. I have hexies to baste and a quilt to bind! And I may bake some banana bread as well - the over ripe bananas are calling my name.

Have a great day!

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