Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What Happened to Tuesday??

Or maybe this should be titled, "Why I Didn't Blog Yesterday."

Hubby had to get up extra early to get to work, and as always, I got up with him to make him a to-go coffee and fruit/protein smoothie for his 1 hour commute. So I started the day out TIRED. Then I spent the morning getting my hair done - I'd let it go all summer and yes, it took all morning to get it looking decent again. I'm all highlighted and cut - raring to go!

But, by the afternoon my early wake up had caught up with me. So I took a lovely nap. By that time I still had plenty of time to get some work done, but I just couldn't get going. And so, that was Tuesday.

Today is another day!!! I have a Birthday Block Luncheon to attend. And the rest of the day will be spent getting things done!!! My list today:

1. Finish layout of a Hexie Love article.
2. Finish stitching together the September BOM.
3. Attend Birthday Block luncheon!!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. I say that quite often....where did the day go? Life is far too busy and hexagons seem to be a large part of where the time goes! What a way to go!


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