Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hexie Productivity!

Despite waking up with a severe sinus headache, I managed to get lots done yesterday. Yay for me!!

The September BOM was prepared for appliqué and said appliqué has begun! 

I also worked on another BOM for....wait for it....
JANUARY, 2016!!!!!!!!

Yes, there will be another one! I think Block of the Month quilts are so popular because with just a bit of effort each month (in between other on-going projects), at the end of the year (BOOM!) you have a fabulous quilt! I try to change things up each year and 2016 will be no exception! This quilt will be very different from the previous BOM's I've designed. Each block will be big and bold!

My editor came over in the afternoon and we worked through some Hexie Love edits. 

And so today....
The applique on the September block will continue, and will hopefully be completed. I'll also work on that January, 2016, block. AND, I need to pack my quilty stuff! I'm on the road tomorrow - headed to Atlanta for a few days for a fun time with the Gwinnett Quilters' Guild! (And I may do a bit of fabric shopping while there....)  #WeddingQuilt!

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  1. My sinuses give me grief at this time of year - headaches, pressure and assorted other problems. I've been self-massaging to drain them and it is amazing how quickly I get relief! And you need quick relief with all the sewing you've got planned! Can't wait for my next issue of Hexie Love!


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