Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Fun (With My BERNINA!)

I spent a few hours with my BERNINA this weekend! Fun stuff!! Getting my Victoria Findlay Wolfe ON!!! You won't see much more of this quilt in progress - it's the WEDDING QUILT! And I want the finished product to be a surprise to the bride and groom. They know I'm making it, but don't know what it will look like...

Here was the view out my studio window Saturday. Lots of clouds and rain didn't bother me one little bit! I do hope no one ever builds a house across the street - I love my expansive view.

The big guy got a bath last night! Oh, he needed it! He's a challenge to bathe - we've tried doing it with a hose in the backyard, but it's hard to hit a moving target. He's much to big to get into a bathtub. So last night I tried something new: I took a shower with him. Yup, I did!

We have a large walk-in shower so we both fit just fine. I won't say that he enjoyed it, but he did tolerate it nicely. And in the end, we were both clean!

Tomorrow is the DAY! Did you remember? The new issue of Hexie Love is coming out!!! If you have subscribed in the past, your issue will appear in your e-mail. If you purchase single issues, simple go HERE to purchase it - still only $5.99!

I just realize I use way too many exclamation marks! It's just that I get excited! And I can't help it! Sorry!!!!!!!!

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  1. The big guy is very handsome! I think you came up with a very creative way to give him a good scrub-a-dub.

    I always enjoy reading HL and can't wait to check my Inbox tomorrow morning!


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