Friday, August 7, 2015

Clamshells and Hexies

For today's sewing pleasure...I have pretty fabrics cut and ready to baste. #2015HexieBOM! I also have a pile of necktie chunks ready to baste. Looks like a BASTING day. It's all about the baste, 'bout the baste, 'bout the baste...

I put these clamshells on my design wall yesterday. A bit wrinkled, but aren't they lovely? I have an idea for these to grow into a quilt. Yes, the idea includes hexies, of course. But this will have to wait until I've finished putting together the next issue of Hexie Love!

I received the sweetest comment on Facebook yesterday:

"Hi Julia! I've been following your blog for a little while now but hadn't bought any magazines until today. I bought the first issue & loved it, have read it from cover to cover. Will be back for all the issues in the future, keep up the great work!"

Isn't that sweet? It made my day! It gives me the energy and push I need to ...gulp...try to get some advertisers! I tried a bit last year, but it was hard for companies to bite on a magazine that (at that time) was just a dream. I hope this year I can get a few sponsors on board. I could use some extra money coming in so that I can keep bringing fabulous hexie quilters to you! AND if I get enough advertisers, maybe in the future the magazine can even be made available in PRINT - wouldn't that be wonderful!!!

On the TIDYING front....yesterday was a big day! I filled up FIVE large garbage bags with clothing to donate to a charity! I still have to go through shoes, legging, and shorts. But it's definitely looking great. I see why this book says that tidying can be life changing! 

I'm doing something fun tonight --- someone has started a Modern Quilt Guild in Auburn! Whoa, baby! I'll be there! 

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  1. It can be in print right now, through Create Space. You already have the PDFs. I bet it wouldn't even be that hard to do, and then you'd have all of Amazon's customer base as potential buyers. And you could bundle the first year's issues together into something book-length, which might be an easier sell. Either way, your price needs to come down and/or you need someone who can do a professional layout if you want to get traction outside of people who like your blog.


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