Sunday, August 2, 2015

Shopping Day...

Yesterday I headed out early with both daughters - we spent the day shopping in Columbus, GA. What fun we had!!!

I don't think there is anything more special than a mother watching her daughter try on wedding dresses. Dress after dress. All so pretty. And after going through this with both my daughters, I can tell you this for sure - when they try on THE dress, they absolutely glow. Eyes light up,  expression changes, there is no doubt.

And while we didn't plan on purchasing a dress yesterday...there were more shops we planned to visit...THE perfect dress made its appearance. And so it has been ordered! Venue: check. Date: check. Wedding Dress: check. All done in a week's time!

Today there will be a bridal shower for a friend that Daughter 2 is hostessing at our house. So hubby and I (and the dogs) will vacuum ourselves out of the house and disappear for a few hours. I may have hexies with me....

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