Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Fabric???!!!!

Okay. So here's the story behind my new acquisitions.

Yesterday I need to drive to Columbus, GA, to pick up the wedding dress. Off I went bright and early with my breakfast smoothie in my cup holder.

I won't go into all the details about spilling said smoothie in my lap halfway there, squeezing my knees together for 5 miles (to keep smoothie from getting on car seat) until I (finally!) found a place to pull over and clean my lap with anything I could find in my backseat. Luckily there was a stray towel back there. Oh dear, I think I just went into all the details. Oh well.

After all that, I decided I deserved a trip to the quilt shop in Columbus (which happens to be close to the bridal shop). I stocked up on some light gray neutrals - my favorite! While shopping, I carefully held my purse in front of the smoothie spill on my pants.

Then it was on to the bridal store to pick up the dress. And that was my morning. Back at home I changed pants and promptly spill lunch down my shirt. It was one of those days...

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