Thursday, August 13, 2015

Quilted Pillows

One of the good things about going to Birthday Block luncheons is seeing other quilter's homes and quilts. I loved all the quilted pillows on this bed! I took along my orphan block quilt to show my friends. They had fun finding their blocks.

Today is another busy one! I got ALMOST done with my list yesterday - just a bit more stitching to get the September BOM put together. Today I'll finish that and get it ready for appliqué - maybe tonight I can do the appliqué.

I'm going to lay out another article for Hexie Love today, also. Maybe two articles? And I have several emails to compose and send. That should be enough for today! Lots going on here!

I'm trying to finish this issue of Hexie Love in the next few days so my editors (hubby and Daughter 1) have plenty of time to check it.

One of my friends mentioned yesterday that she misses my UFO projects showing up on the blog. Yes, I do need to pick another one to work on! I've only finished two of them this year.

It's a beautiful day here today - much cooler, though still hot. We are ready for some relief from the heat! One of my nephews spent the night with us last night - he's moving into his dorm at Auburn this morning. So glad it won't be scorching while move in happens....

Better pick up my needle and thread...

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