Thursday, August 27, 2015

So Many Quilts!

Yesterday I was a BUSY BEE, buzzing from one thing to another. I actually worked on 11 different quilts yesterday! How can that be?

1. I worked on the necktie project.

2. I cut out seven quilts! Okay, so it's just going to be big squares sewn together, but still, seven quilts!

3. I worked on next year's BOM. Trying to get ahead on this one!

4. I worked on my clamshell UFO.

5. I started this quilt. Yes, I know! I can't believe I started another project!!! I saw this pattern when I was in Atlanta last week and couldn't resist. I rarely buy patterns - I usually design my own quilts. But this Jen Kingwell pattern absolutely spoke to me. The directions start out by saying, "This quilt is not for the very beginner. Hand piecing is recommended." Okay, I'm up for the challenge!

I have LOTS of scraps to use in this one. And those neutral grays I bought earlier in the week? Those will be my background fabrics.

Yesterday I used template plastic to make all my templates for this. And I hand cut one block. This will be a long term on-going project.

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  1. you put me to shame all you did yesterday, have to own up to only sewing a 4" border on my cat quilt. Loving the farmers daughter I still have the wife quilt to do. Good to know there are plans afoot for another BOM next year


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