Sunday, August 9, 2015

In Between Hexies...

Here are the TWELVE garbage bags stuffed with my discarded clothing and shoes that I dropped off at Goodwill on Friday. My plan is to make a drop off there every Friday with what I've culled out during the week.


The book says that you can't tidy someone else's stuff. However, it also says that the process is very contagious. If someone sees how great your areas are looking, the tidying bug just might spread to them. Well it happened! Yesterday hubby spent an hour or two in our closet with a pile of garbage bags. Now his part of the closet is looking good! And he filled up enough bags to fill up my car. So I'll be making another trip to Goodwill Monday for a drop off.

I'm almost done tidying my clothes. And then what? The book suggested doing books next. But I think I'll move on to either my costume jewelry or my studio. The studio will take some time - LOTS of fabric, you know. But I'm up for it. A little bit of time per day gets the job done!

As for today...there will be hexies basted!!!!

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  1. plenty of room now for new clothes! I had a book spurge but managed to sell some and got £200 which I then spent and more at the quilt show last weekend, including buying 5 more books!


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