Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quilting Arts DVDs!

Look what I got in the mail - both Quilting Arts TV DVDs that I'm in! The one on the left is Season 13 from a couple of years ago - but the information is all still relevant of course. And on the right is season 16.

Do you see the covers? My hexies are on the front cover of BOTH! Happy Dance!

So what else is going on around here? Lots of busy-ness! Though picking fabric for wedding quilt(s) is understandably not high on my daughter's priority list, it is VERY high on mine. I saw this funny which I know quilters will understand.

Haha! How timely and appropriate!

Daughter 2 is deeply immersed in her fourth year of Pharmacy School and there is no time to go fabric shopping. But I found a solution. I spent a couple of hours yesterday searching on Fabric.com for fabrics I thought she and her fiancé would like. I pinned them all on a joint private Pinterest board. Then she could quickly 'like' the ones she wanted. That was easy!

So today I'll be making a big fabric order and the sewing can soon begin!

A big thanks to all of you for the HUGE response I've gotten to the NEW Hexie Love system! Issues have been flying off the virtual shelf! Isn't this an easy way to get the issues?! 

So have you bought yours yet? Just go to Hexie Love to do so! Easy peasy! 

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