Monday, August 17, 2015

Walking Downtown...

Yesterday afternoon hubby and I walking a bit in downtown Auburn. The main intersection at Toomer's Corner has been closed off all summer and they've recently opened it up to traffic again (thank goodness). You may remember my talking about our magnificent oak trees (the Toomer Oaks) which have marked the corner of campus for 80 years. They were poisoned by a rival fan a few years ago and subsequently died.

It was terribly sad for all Auburn fans, but the good news is that replacing the oaks brought about a remodel of the entire corner. (Above is one of the two new replacement oaks.) They have widened the walkways, added LOTS of benches, and beautified the area. The benches all have cell phone charging stations - handy for the thousands of students that are here.

Boomers Drugs was booming while we walked - dozens going in and out for their freshly made lemonade.

And in the middle of the intersection you can see a glimpse of the tiger paw, newly laid in pavers. In the past the paw was simply painted in the intersection. I love all the improvements!

After I finish this post I'll start loading my car - headed to Atlanta!!! Some retail therapy is in my future! And lots of hexie fun!!!

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