Friday, August 14, 2015

Coloring Books!

Have you jumped on the coloring book bandwagon? It is said that they are great stress relievers. I bought a few a couple of weeks ago. I haven't actually colored yet, but maybe today? (Though don't worry, I'm not at all stressed!)

And here is something I found interesting this week. This came with our local newspaper. PLEASE tell me this is NOT the new "back to school" look! OH. MY. Ridiculous! If my girls had ever tried to dress like this for school, they would have been sent back to their room to change.

Yesterday was one of those "revolving door" days. My nephew had spent the night before with us and left early to move into his dorm. Bug man came - termite inspection. Neighbor came over for an hour or so. And I went to a party last night (college sorority).

And in between, I managed to get lots done! I worked on Hexie Love. I (finally!) finished stitching together the hexies for the September BOM. I kept changing my mind on some of the I kept having to baste more hexies. I put the last stitch in minutes before I left for the party.

And so today...
Today I will work more on Hexie Love. And I'll prepare to appliqué the BOM to the background. And maybe another thing or two...
Hope you have a happy hexie day!

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  1. Colouring is lots of fun and so addictive. I'm afraid to get started because I won't be able to stop and I would rather be "colouring" with hexagons! As for the back to school look I remember my Mom telling me that if she had gone to school in the 1920s wearing trousers she would have been sent home to change and her mother would not have been allowed to go to school if her ankles were showing!


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