Monday, August 10, 2015

Got My Baste On!!!

I did LOTS of hexie basting yesterday! And though I did not fussy cut any fabric, look at these two - they certainly look like I fussy cut them perfectly...

Aren't they lovely? Today I'll work on stitching them together. #HexieBOM

I'm also working on the layout of the next Hexie Love issue today. This is my first time doing it without the constraints of Joomag, so there is a bit of a learning curve for me. BUT, the good news is that I think it will look even better when I'm done!!!

Hubby continued his tidying of our closet yesterday. I'm happy to report that our closet is now officially TIDY! Every single drawer, every single hanger. Every drawer in both the closet and bedroom is neat (or empty).

I think the next frontier for me is my studio space. I have quilting supplies in every closet in our upstairs, so I do have a lot to do. I think I'll start with my quilting books today.

Today I have BIG news for Hexie Love! It looks like I have my first advertiser! I'm hoping to land enough advertising to cover my costs of producing each issue.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to support the magazine! I knew the first year would be a slow start. But it's building steam all the time. I've had so many people purchase an issue, or two, or four just in the last couple of weeks since I changed the delivery system.

I'm listening to you! Let me know of any suggestion you have. Or artists you'd like to hear from. Or if you have an ORIGINAL small project or pattern you'd like to submit!


  1. What's your pay rate for submitted articles that you accept?

  2. Hi,
    I love reading your blog and hope to some day pick up a few issues of your wonderful magazine! You mentioned original small projects...I have one if you are interested. Just drop me a line through this email address if you would like to hear more. Thanks again for all of your LOVELY work! You are such an inspiration!


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