Thursday, August 6, 2015

More Tie Destruction

This morning I've pulled out my bag of neckties and my scissors; it's time to glean more fabric for my project. An hour or so of destruction should get me going on this again.

Have you been reading about how sitting is the new smoking? Sitting too much is bad for our health. Well, I sit a LOT! I sit to do my computer work. I sit to sew. I just sit. I know some are getting standing desks. Yesterday I looked around and realized that my kitchen counter would work just as well. So I set my laptop on a cutting board and worked standing for more than an hour. I like this! I have a view of the living room, the dogs, the TV.

I just realized I'm sitting now. I should have stood up to write this post! I guess I need to change my habits.

The tidying continues. I filled another large garbage bag yesterday. And I found a long sleeve t-shirt that I've been missing for over 3 years! Yay me!

Today I also need to start working on the September BOM - it's coming up before I know it!

Have a happy hexie day!!!


  1. Hi I am a new follower, I realized finally this summer that I too am just sitting too much-I am a senior but still-I need to get outdoors again for some walks-I have gotten lazy and too into my crafts etc. and I have put on some weight too-so that should be a motivator for me as well-

  2. I am a champion sitter. I could do more at my kitchen counter. Hmmm thanks for the idea


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