Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Spring is Almost Here!

Yesterday it was a balmy 75 degrees here. I know we have more cold weather coming, but it was a nice hint of Spring ahead.

So Hexie Love is up and running smoothly. The new issue is being read and enjoyed. I'm getting lots of wonderful comments from sweet readers. Thank you all very much for you support! Did you know that the first issue had more than 25,000 visits on Joomag?! This doesn't mean I sold 25,000 issues (though a girl can hope), but it means that there were that many people logging in to read or reread the issue. That tell me readers are going back again and again to refer to the patterns and articles. And that makes me happy. :)

Hopefully, when the third issue comes out it will go smoothly the FIRST TIME!!! I feel I'm getting a handle on how their software works. I know they will still have some kinks, but I'm happy that Joomag was able to resolve the problems this week. Now I can move on to sewing and writing again!

Off to get a physical this morning. I'll try to check in again later.

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  1. What lovely blue flowers. What are they? I totally understand the number of visits: 1. it was a great first issue, 2. there are a lot of us who love hexagons, 3. we like your patterns! Off to buy the 2nd issue.


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