Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Hexie Morning!

The sunrise this morning was spectacular! Yesterday the high was 82 degrees - wow!

You can tell it's hot when Cooper starts napping beside an air conditioning vent!

I made the binding (450 inches!) for the Celtic Solstice UFO and even machine stitched to to the quilt. Ready for the hand work...

And yesterday I (finally!) finished the step outs for Quilting Arts TV. Glad this is done! I also e-mail and snail mailed the final contracts and forms for both the TV show and Quilting Arts magazine.

I have more business paperwork to take care of today - you know it's not my favorite thing - but I'll get it done.

Yesterday I also laid out another chunk of Odyssey, so I'll work on that today. Lots of fun ahead!

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  1. I am actually working a guild challenge and playing with Hexi's now. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what your creative mind is thinking of next! Can't even imagine the word A/C right now but know our time is coming. Wishing you one "Hexi Of A Day"!


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