Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dogwood Season!

Yay! The dogwood trees are in bloom! Seeing this makes it feel like Spring is here, though today is a bit chilly.

These orange and yellow tulips opened while I was in Cleveland - love the color!

This morning I fixed Bulletproof Coffee for Hubby and me. I'd never tried it and had been hearing good things about it. I forgot to take a picture until my cup was almost empty - yes, it's really good! And easy to make:

In a blender combine 12 oz. hot coffee, 1 tablespoon coconut oil (looks like solid shortening, but is healthier), one pat of unsalted butter. I also added a spoonful of sweetener. Turn that blender on for a minute or so. And you have a frothy coffee drink that will give you some energy to start the day. It must be working because Hubby has been out working in the yard all morning and I've been doing quilty work, too.

I know it sounds fattening, but I'm counting it in my daily calorie count and it is only about 60 calories for my 6 oz. cup. Not too bad!

Here are some hexies I'm stitching together today. And that brings me to a hexie favor.

Do you cut your own papers to make hexies? What kind of paper do use? Something recycled? Something colorful? Please send me a picture! Don't put it in the comments - email me at This will make a fun little Hexie Love article.

Back to work for me. There's something exciting coming here soon! A BLOG HOP! Yay! Stay tuned - details coming soon!

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  1. Lovely photos of flowers. May Spring grace you soon. The blog hop sounds interesting!


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