Friday, March 13, 2015

A Day Off...

I work very hard here in Hexie Land - pretty much 7 days a week. So yesterday (after putting the final stitches in Eye 1) I took a nice day off. Ahhh.... What did I do? Nothing! I sat in my recliner and watched TV, read a couple of magazines, and walked around the yard admiring the daffodils. It's good for the soul to have an day off every so often.

Today I'm back to my list making and fun work! My accountant has my taxes ready so I'll be meeting with her later this morning. And I have lots of hexie work play on my list. It will be a fun day!

I also need to make the binding for the Celtic Solstice quilt. And I need to decide on my next UFO project to tackle. Hmmm. What will that be? I have two things in mind and one is not actually a quilt, but a machine. I have two Featherweights. I've never used them. I want to get them both lubricated and cleaned and decide which of them I want to keep. (I'm going to sell one.) This would make a nice UFO one hour per day project.

The other UFO project is my Lollypop Trees quilt (designed by Kim McLean). I've made several blocks already. It's a hand work project (mostly) and will take a long time to complete, but I do love hand work, so that's okay.

I know I need to buy some special oil and polish to work on the Featherweights. So I think I'll research what I need first. And I'll pull out the Lollypop Tree stuff and see where I need to start on that.


  1. such a busy lady you deserve to give yourself a break more often

  2. I've tried taking days off but it doesn't take long before my fingers are itching to sew!

  3. A day off, really off is needed every now and then to recharge the batteries.

  4. How lucky! Two Featherweights! My sister and I are hoping to get one someday!


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