Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fun Day at QATV

Finally! Pictures! Here's a picture of my little 'home away from home' at QATV. Each guest has a table and trays (like BIG cookie sheets) to set up their goodies. I had my step outs, threads, etc. My pile of quilts is at the left end.

By the way, this is the "green room." The TV monitor on the wall allows us all to see and hear the segment that is currently being filmed. We all relax and get to know one another during this time. Breakfast and lunch are brought in and we all eat here, too. (But not too close to the quilts!)

And here I am on the set with Susan Brubaker Knapp just before we taped my segment. Let me say that Susan is the nicest, most gracious person! I had met her once before briefly, and she is absolutely a lovely woman. She is so welcoming and makes sure we all feel included.

My session went very well, though we'd planned for me to do a bit of hexie appliqué on the Bernina and we simply ran out of time. I only fumbled over my words once and just kept on going. I think it went well though overall.

I am the only one on set with a Southern accent. Sometimes they all just grin when I talk and I think I've missed a joke. Then I realize, it's the accent. Haha! I don't think of myself as having an accent because I talk like everyone else around me in Alabama. But it really stands out when I travel! Yes, I'm VERY Southern! And proud of it! And I'm glad everyone here in Cleveland enjoys hearing a bit of the South coming from my mouth!

It's supposed to snow here tomorrow, but I think I'll be at the airport by the time it arrives. (I hope so, because I'm not used to driving in snow.) I'll be back home late tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon.

I've had a fabulous time! It always nice to be around like minded folks, and we all do love the art of quilting. I have more 'behind the scenes' photos to share, but that will probably wait until another day or two. Until then....Hexie Love, Y'ALL!

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  1. It looks like fun!
    My best friend from high school moved to North Carolina right after graduation and still lived there. I always have to get used to her accent when we talk, she didn't have one back then. :)


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