Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Serpentine Stitches!

I didn't spend much time on Eye 1 yesterday - too much to do! But I did add a few rows of the wonderful serpentine stitches. I like the curviness they add to this quilt made of all straight lines. This quilt will be done in another day or two.

Then I'll use my UFO time to put the binding on the Celtic Solstice - I got it back from the quilter last week and it looks fabulous!!! It's amazing what you can accomplish in an hour a day!

The rest of the day was spent grocery shopping, working on QATV step outs, and Odyssey. It was a full day!

By the way, it took me some time to figure out which stitch the serpentine is on my lovely Bernina. I couldn't find it so I turned to Google. Turns out it's stitch #4, which is a zigzag with lots of stitches within each zig and zag. When you lengthen it, it curves. Love this stitch! I'll be using it in lots of quilts now.


  1. Hmm...had no idea my Bernina would do curves like that. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have that stitch! Must try it. Thanks for the info.


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