Sunday, March 15, 2015


What a great weekend we had! Did you have a good weekend? Hope so!

We went to a gymnastics meet Friday night - always a fun time. We ran some errands Saturday and had two nice walks today. Loving the warm weather!!!

I also was able to get lots on hexie things done! I have another BOM ready to appliqué to the background. I finished another big hunk of Odyssey. I worked lots on my step outs for QATV, along with the associated document that will go on the QATV website when the episode airs. And I did more magazine stuff. Oh, I also forgot - I officially entered Eye 1 in a competition. Thanks to Daughter 1 for taking great photos of the quilt for me.

This week I have lots of miscellaneous things to accomplish, including practicing for QATV. And making binding for Celtic Solstice. And making another chunk of Odyssey. And writing a magazine article or two or three. All fun stuff!


  1. sounds like you are busy as usual. :) I worked Friday and Saturday at a machine embroidery event hosted by the quilt shop that I used to work at. (Actually I still run a Block of the Month there every year). Then today I helped DD pack for the move to New Mexico. The movers come tomorrow and then she has to get the cats shipped. (Not by USPS, but a pet moving service). Some apartment clean up and then I will ride with her to her new home. Her hubby has been there since January (for a new job) and they are anxious to live in the same house again.

  2. My weekend was exceptional too because of the weather. We had three warm days which allowed me to take off my socks and sweater. Friday, I went to a Buddhist temple just down the road from a high school friend who was down from Oregon. Saturday saw me at the Friends Book Sale at the library where I volunteer, and Sunday I was able to devote to quilting. You made a lot of progress on your various projects, Julia. I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone to share that progress - ends tonight, midnight. Off to stitch some hexies.


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