Monday, March 9, 2015

Let the Quilting Begin!

This is Eye 1 - yes, I started the quilting process. I'm using 4 different colors of Aurifil thread. LOTS of straight lines and some grid work. The next step will be to add some serpentine stitches. I plan to face the quilt instead of traditional binding.

In the yard, our bulbs are coming up - yay! Tulips, hyacinths (above), and daffodils.

My list today is way too long! I find that the longer my list, the less I accomplish - best to have just 3 things! I received lots of comments about my lists of 3 things. I read an article years ago about the subject. I wish I could remember the source, but anyway - the gist of the article was how three things are scientifically optimum. Just the right amount to be successfully accomplished with being overwhelming. I need to cut back on today's list now!

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  1. The quilting is looking great. Eye can't wait until it is done. ;) Sorry I couldn't resist.


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