Sunday, March 29, 2015

Another 2014 Hexie BOM Quilt Finish!

Here is some eye candy to brighten your weekend! Look at these fun photos I received!

The email says:
I want to thank you for the free hexie patterns in 2014 - I finally finished two quilt tops using them which are now going to be hand quilted - I love your patterns - the only one I really changed was the October from a candy corn to my own design spider which was fun. Oh, yes.  One of the ice cream cones turned into a triple decker.   Thank you so much for sharing.  Margaret Berggren 

Wow! Margaret made TWO of these quilts! Congrats on a job well done...they are gorgeous! The spider is adorable - look closely at that background fabric - candy corn!!!

It makes me so happy to see quilts made from my patterns. Keep them coming!

I hope you are having a great weekend. Hubby helped me with a little Hexie Love photo shoot yesterday. I'm working on a fun little project for the next issue. Today I'll do the next step and then we'll photograph again. Step by step.

This afternoon I MUST do laundry. And make another fruit salad - it's become a weekly thing.


  1. Such a nice compliment to you!!!! Love the hex's!! And I love making them!!!

  2. Love that spider lol what a great quilt


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