Friday, March 27, 2015

Behind the Scenes at QATV

Here's a picture of the set from another angle - lots of big camera and lights. Can you see that big mechanism hanging form the ceiling over the sewing table? That's another camera that shoots closeups of hand work.

And these are the guys behind the scene. They run the cameras, sound, and lighting. One of them put the microphone on me before the shoot. Another gave me instructions - don't look at the camera, just talk and look at Susan, don't worry about showing work to the camera - just do my thing and they'll make sure they get it on camera.

They film each segment in only one take if at all possible. NO do overs! That's why they encourage us to practice before we come so we'll have in our mind what we'll say. I stumbled over a word near the beginning of my segment, but kept going and the rest was great. I was told afterward that my hand work showed up beautifully on camera. They also said my voice came across soothing and mellow and made them think what I was working on was doable by anyone. Haha! It is doable by anyone!!!

So what's on tap today now that I'm home? Grocery shopping! And I'm working on a Hexie Love project that you'll LOVE! I made the hexies while in Cleveland.

I still want to do another post on QATV - I want to introduce you to some of the wonderful quilt artists I met on set. I love getting to know these women (and one man) and sharing our work, ideas, etc.


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