Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finished the Eye Quilt Top

Ta dah!!! Last night I added the last chunk to the quilt top! It's made from various sizes of triangles, all Kona Cotton Solids. This morning I'll remove the basting threads and the papers. I hope to also layer it with batting and batting - ready to quilt! It's amazing what you can accomplish in an hour a day, the time I've allotted for UFO's.

I really love this technique. I'd like to do another quilt like this. I've decided to call this one "Eye 1", because I'll probably do another eye quilt at some point (and I'm terribly uncreative when it comes to naming quilts).

It's a great day to stay in today. Our warm weather is gone. The high today was at midnight last night - 69 degrees. By the time I go to bed tonight it will be about 32 degrees. EEK! Big temperature drop! I plan to work on my QATV step outs. And do my 1 hour UFO work. AND stitch hexies together for the next step of the Odyssey quilt. Fun day!


  1. THat eye is stunning. Will you do a pattern of it? It is just so intricate and realistic and awesome.

  2. I like "Eye 1," since it's "Daughter 1's" eye!

  3. Now that is a unique piece. You really made it realistic. Great work.


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