Monday, September 1, 2014

2014 Hexie BOM: September!

Put a bird on it! 

Looky, looky - I've figured out enough of EQ7 to do this!

Why a bird for September? Because it's back-to-school time around here. My favorite saying for raising kids is "Give them wings and let them fly." Raise your kids to be independent adults! So we're sending our little birdies off to school - well, many of us are. Yes, I still have one in school, but she's 24 and lives on her own.

Here's my version. I placed him at a bit of an angle. If you have any trouble fitting him on the background you could always leave off the legs and angle him a bit more.

Have fun with that eye! I fussy cut a flower for mine - can't wait to see what you all do!

And the beak: I pieced an orange triangle with some white (background color) to make mine. Again, be creative!

Hexie love,


  1. looks cute and great job in EQ, I don't think you can add a block to hexagons, BUT you can do a square block and save it or rather export the jpeg (for the beak) and then import it back like a "fabric" and insert it, so it "looks like, you'd have to print and trace it, but it's that what you were asking one time? (it's okay if you delete this comment btw)

  2. Oh how sweet!!! I can hardly wait to go thru and pick out my materials for both 1" and 1/2" blocks! That was definitely a surprise and I could NOT have guessed it. Good job on the EQ too - I still don't EQ yet, maybe someday I will have time to try it out. Thanks for the birdie! ---NJ Mayes

  3. What a sweet bird, cannot wait to sort through my stash to decide what colour to make him.

  4. what a cutie, will be getting my hexie box out later today to see if I have hexies ready made to save cutting more


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