Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Story of a Dog and a Pair of Glasses

Once upon a time, there was a quilter who love to do handwork, specifically hexies. (That would be me!) She had a sweet dog who was often mischievous. (That would be Cooper.) But he was more than a year old now and seemed to be calming down a bit.

The quilter traveled to Chicago in June where she taught some quilting classes. She had heard of the amazing Craftoptics glasses and happened upon their booth at the quilt show. She fell in love with their product! 

These glasses are made using your own prescription. There are telescopic lenses that allow you to see your work SO much easier. There's even a light that you can mount on top. My favorite part about the Craftoptics glasses is that I can look down to sew, then look up and clearly see the TV. (Yes, the quilter in the story loves to watch TV when she sews.)

So the quilter ordered a pair! When she got home from Chicago, she e-mailed her eye doctor's info to Craftoptics and they, in turn, obtained her prescription. A couple of weeks later, her new glasses were delivered. She loved them even more than she thought she would!

A couple of weeks later, the quilter went upstairs to her studio for a mere 10 minutes. Her Craftoptic glasses were carefully packed away in their beautiful case and placed on a table.  Her dog, Cooper, was taking a nice nap.

When she came back downstairs, this is what she found:

 Note all the bite marks on the lenses.

Totally DESTROYED! The quilter texted her husband, "Maybe we need to find a new home for Cooper."

"No, we love him too much," he replied. "Order a new pair of glasses."

What to do? Well, the quilter had a very busy summer. She was preparing to teach several classes at the AQS Show in Chattanooga. And she was starting a magazine. And she was a bit embarrassed to call Craftoptics to tell them her story.

September rolled around. The quilter taught her classes at the Chattanooga show, telling her students stories of her life, her dogs, etc., while they worked. On the last day, she finally had a chance to walk around the show, looking at the quilts, and shopping with the vendors.

Then in front of her stood the Craftoptics booth! She immediately bowed her head in embarrassment and said to the person in the booth, "I need to talk to you."

Kate (yes, we're now on a first name basis) looked at my name tag and immediately said, "Your lab chewed up your glasses!"

"How did you know!" the quilter asked. Kate even knew his breed!

"You told the story in your classes. Many of your students have been by to tell me! Thanks for sending my way!"

WOW! The story ends very happily. Kate is sending the me a NEW pair of Craftoptics at no charge. My new Craftoptics will arrive in a couple of weeks. And I will be keeping them closed up in a cabinet when not in use.

More from Chattanooga tomorrow...


  1. My golden retriever did that to me too...ate my glasses...that is! I'd love to get a pair of these glasses.

  2. do you think he was trying to tell you he needs glasses too!! How kind of Craftoptics to replace them for you no many companies would be so understanding as I am sure they would have been quite pricey.

  3. sorry, I laughed out loud, reading this... bad dog, bad dog....
    A few years ago I got a fur hat (from ll bean, can't remember the name of the hat, anyways it's was a hunter looking hat with fur and it was WARM!!) it was for Christmas, and for my husband, so I got the hat in the mail and wrapped it up and put under the tree, a week later I was vacuuming up some funny sweater fluffy stuff and didn't think about it, until CHRISTMAS when the gift had some mysterious bite holes in it and of course the hole in the HAT was RIGHT in front.... I ended up whip stitching it together and it's not bad, it just bends a little on the flap where it was supposed to be straight.... but bad dog bad dog

  4. Luck for Cooper they replaced your glasses. Now my dog seems to prefer to pee on things, like the batting that was hanging off the midarm. Bad dog bad dog


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